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Shipping Policy

Dear Valued Customer,

Thank you for your purchase from Victory Games & Billiards.  We appreciate your business.   Your new equipment will be arriving soon.  To help you prepare, we put together this pre-delivery information sheet.  We hope it helps make delivery day run more smoothly for you. 


When your purchase arrives, complete a visual inspection of the cardboard boxing.   If the cardboard is punctured, attempt to inspect it through the hole to see if any damage has been done to the unit.  Regardless of whether or not there is damage to the packaging, we advise that you sign for your delivery.  You still have 24 hours to complete a final inspection of your product(s).   This gives you the opportunity complete a thorough inspection after unpacking the equipment.  If any damage is discovered, call us immediately. 


All of our games are shipped on a skid.  One skid can, in most cases, hold up to 3 pieces of equipment which are banded together.  Unless prior arrangements have been made, your purchases will be delivered via Common Carrier that is not equipped with a lift-gate.  If there is no loading dock available to you, a good rule of thumb is to have one person per 100 pounds to off load and move the equipment.  The total weight of your units can be on your quote. 

There are two ways to off load your purchase in the absence of a loading dock or forklift.  You may either try to slide the skid off of the truck with the game still attached.  Or, if you prefer, un-strap the game from the skid, slide it off of the truck alone and then remove the skid. 

Once you have all of your delivery offloaded, we recommend using a low-profile 4-wheel cart to move the equipment.  If your club or organization doesn’t have a 4-wheel cart, one may be rented from your local U-Haul.  The equipment must be removed from the skid before using the cart.  Place the 4-wheel cart under the center of the equipment box and roll the game to where it will be set up for play.


Slate pool tables average 850 lbs.  In the absence of a loading dock, we do not recommend attempting to offload or move a pool table without the use of a lift-gate truck or forklift!   If the salesperson you spoke with did not inform you of the need for a lift-gate truck, please notify us immediately. 


Assembly is easy.  Simply follow the enclosed instructions.  In most cases, you will only have to bolt the 4 legs onto the table, level the table, plug it in (if required) and enjoy.   The ActionSoccor and AmericanSoccer games require more assembly.   If you have any questions or problems with assembly, please do not hesitate to call us.  After the game is set up, remember to complete your final inspection and report any damage to the trucking company immediately.


It is your responsibility to dispose of the skid.  We recommend that you keep the skid and equipment box intact for the duration of the Victory Advantage.  Should the need arise for you to return the table, you will need the packaging to do so.

We are confident that you will be very pleased with your new game(s).  Our company is proud to provide our customers with high quality, durable, commercial game equipment and accessories that will be used and enjoyed for many years to come. 

Thanks gain for your purchase.  We look forward to working with you in the future.


Mark Peotter